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Sleep Apnea Causes ? What is it ?


Sleep apnea is one of the problems of sleep. Before reading further articles, you can also read about sleep problem solution from jaw my snoring solution, the best anti snoring device for all.


It is a common fact that sleep apnea is characterized by snoring. Often touched by breathing and often awaken during sleep.


The triggers include fatigue work during the day, anxiety and irritability. According to experts, it has been concluded that this condition can cause more serious health effects.


Sleep apnea seems to tell us about certain health conditions and diseases that can affect our health now. 

This disease can be the cause of a symptom or condition that could put you at great risk in the future. Here are the conditions that are directly or indirectly associated with obstructive sleep apnea.


Sleep Apnea and High Blood Pressure


Sleep apnea has been declared a cause of treatable high blood pressure. More than half of the population with sleep disorders, believed to have high blood pressure, did not drop their blood pressure even during sleep.


Because sleep apnea causes respiratory inhibition, lack of oxygen can make blood vessels narrow to increase blood flow to the heart and brain, even at night. Not only that, high blood pressure can occur during the day when you breathe normally. Even when you're taking prescription drugs, it does not help.


The relationship between high blood pressure and sleep apnea is not limited to age, sex or weight. Proven, CPAP treatment can't only treat sleep apnea but also can reduce your blood pressure.


Sleep Apnea and Heart Disorders


During episodes of obstructive sleep apnea, people are more likely to suffer a heart attack or die in the middle of the night. Not only attacks, Sleep apnea can also cause heart strokes and other heart problems. This happens during the apnea phase, our heart rate tends to slow down dramatically and when we breathe again, it will increase rapidly.


Disturbed oxygen flow makes our brain difficult to regulate blood flow to the arteries and the brain itself. Therefore, if you leave it untreated, it will continue to adversely affect the heart and other related diseases. Evidence suggests that heart problems and sleep apnea are closely related.


In fact, OSA is an important risk factor for heart failure, stroke, and angina pectorals, chest pain due to blockage of blood vessels that supply blood to the heart.


Correlation of Sleep Apnea with Diabetes


According to recent research, up to 40% of those with obstructive sleep apnea end up with type 2 diabetes. Respiratory disorders make a person's body release stress hormones, which increase their blood sugar levels and make it more difficult for them to regulate their condition over time.


Diabetes and sleep apnea often coexist and one of the reasons is a common risk factor for obesity. However, optimizing sleep quality and treating OSA can help improve the symptoms of type 2 diabetes.


Sleep Apnea Causes Accidents on The Road


The daytime fatigue factor that accompanies sleep apnea improves a person at risk of drowsiness and even falls asleep while driving. People with sleep apnea are at greater risk of road accidents than people without it.


Sleep Apnea Relationship to Depression


Sleep disorders are always associated with apnea, according to Information that by treating sleep apnea can help reduce depression in a person. 


Sleep Apnea Relation With Obesity


Research has found that sleep disorders can lead to changes in body metabolism that can be linked to obesity. The study was conducted in all age groups ranging from children, adolescents or adults.


That's all my writing about the cause of sleep apnea, hopefully, what I present can be useful, read also my writing about Sleep Problems Solution and Review about Jaw, the best my snoring solution device.